Web presence integration is an Internet Consulting service which involves the creation of an online footprint over and above the website you may already. Even if your website has great search engine optimisation this only provides one path from which you can generate visitors, through a single result on a search. In essence your website is an island with a single bridge connecting it to the internet populous.

With our Web presence integration service we expand your internet footprint through the creation of multiple bridges to your websites. Thereby creating a powerful online business presence: on the Internet through blogs, social networking sites and other tools.

Online networks are the new power lunch tables and the new golf courses for business life in the U.S. In the past ten years, online dating has become mainstream; 40 million Americans use online dating sites. Now, businesspeople are starting to use the same family of technology to find business clients, new partners, and jobs, through virtual contacts they make online.

Online business networking serves many purposes: sales, general marketing, recruiting, job-hunting, knowledge exchange, and business development (in the sense of strategic alliances, joint ventures and channel sales). Online networking sites offer unprecedented ways for entrepreneurs to identify and connect with potential partners, clients and suppliers.

Benefits of implementing a Web presence strategy:

Building and reinforcing your brand:

Every signature in an e-mail or on the Web, and every profile online, is an opportunity to reinforce your brand.

Product and Service awareness creation:

“Pull, don’t push”. Your online participation, your association with special interest groups, and your numerous profiles will create awareness. Those who are interested will be attracted to you and will come to you for information and assistance.

Building Cross-promotion:

Link to your Web site in your e-mail signature. Link to your communities from your Web site. Link to your personal profile page from your community page.

Unified information:

providing you with tools which will allow you to manage your online brand, the multiple presences and the information published on each efficiently.

Web presence pollination:

allowing for any user to easily pass on or share a part of your presence with someone else. Thus allowing for a viral expansion of you webpresence and brand.

Leverage of existing relationships:

Social network visibility sites give you visibility into your existing relationships. If you have a large personal network, it is likely that you know someone who knows the specific person you’re trying to reach, or perhaps someone at that company.


Opportunities to interact face-to-face with large numbers of decision-makers in your target industries are few and far between and costly. But online, you can be highly focused in your interactions, as there are niche communities for just about everything you could imagine.

Increased reach:

In person, or even in one-on-one e-mail, there is a practical limit to how many people you can meaningfully connect with in a given amount of time. But in an online community or weblog, you can carry on public conversations, potentially reaching hundreds or even thousands of people with the same effort as a single e-mail.

Reduced time and expense:

Networking online allows you to reach more people with less effort; to more quickly identify and connect with the right people; and to reduce travel time and expense, both local and long-distance.

Our client will generate leads from multiple sources once the webpresence strategy in implemented. These will originate from the following sources:

  • Search engine users
  • Online Social and Business network members
  • Fellow online network participants

Should you wish to generate value from your online presence participation please contact us to discuss your web presence options.

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Since Commcentrix took over our blog and assisted in the redesign, we have been very satisfied with the results. They fully immersed themselves in our client’s business and became invaluable in driving our digital activity moving forward.

Lisa Dawson

Business Unit Director, Aqua Online

We have found Niel and the team at Commcentrix to be invaluable business partners. Niel has a vast business acumen. We have found the team to be creative, supportive and they have excellent insight, as well as experience.

Mariaan Greyvenstein

Technology Corporate Management (Pty) Ltd

We would just like to say that we have had awesome service from Commcentrix , they are always willing to help and are efficient and fast in what we need done.

We would highly recommend them.

Michelle Barkhuizen

Insure Africa

We have been with Commcentrix for over 5 years. ReFin Financial Services could not be what it is today if it was not for Commcentrix. I highly recommend Niel and his team and want to thank them for their response time and dedication. A continuous job well done!

Jaco du Toit

Managing Director, ReFin Financial Services

Commcentrix is our one-stop shop when it comes to all things digital. From Adwords to a custom online ordering system for our daily food orders. Paired with support and guidance on making a system that works for us.

Nicole Parfitt

Ginger Apple

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