So you’ve heard the terms ‘Pay-Per-Click’ and ‘Google AdWords’ thrown around but you’re not entirely sure what they mean, or how they can help you with your business. Don’t fret, we’re here to break it all down for you.

As we all know if your business doesn’t have a strong online presence no one will know who you are and what you do. So you have a website and you’ve even got SEO (if not, click here to get in contact), how do you get people to visit your website? Or even see or buy the product or service you offer? This is where Google AdWords comes into play.

By creating an online ad campaign, you can direct traffic to your website and in so doing create awareness of your brand. The best part is that you will only pay for people that actually go through to your website or conversion. This way it’s easier to manage budget and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to advertise! Want to know what’s even better than that? The fact that monitoring your ad can be done in real time.

CommCentriX can help you create brand awareness and increase sales. Contact us today and one of our specialized consultants will make an appointment to discuss exactly what your needs are as we understand every company is unique.

These are some of the questions you may be asked:

– What is your objective is, i.e. do you want to increase traffic to your website? Do you want to promote a specific product/service? Do you want to create a database of potential clients?
– Who are you trying to target, i.e. only men, only women? People in Pretoria, Johannesburg or Gauteng? Any other province? Or can you cater a national audience over South Africa?
– What keywords would you like to compete for, e.g. you have a shoe shop and you would like your ad to appear when someone Google’s “shoes” or “buying shoes online”.
– What is your budget?

Once we have all these details we can start putting together a fantastic campaign for your business!

We believe so strongly in this method of advertising that we’ll give you your first R600 free!

In this digital age, you can’t afford to not be online.

What our clients say

Since Commcentrix took over our blog and assisted in the redesign, we have been very satisfied with the results. They fully immersed themselves in our client’s business and became invaluable in driving our digital activity moving forward.

Lisa Dawson

Business Unit Director, Aqua Online

We have found Niel and the team at Commcentrix to be invaluable business partners. Niel has a vast business acumen. We have found the team to be creative, supportive and they have excellent insight, as well as experience.

Mariaan Greyvenstein

Technology Corporate Management (Pty) Ltd

We would just like to say that we have had awesome service from Commcentrix , they are always willing to help and are efficient and fast in what we need done.

We would highly recommend them.

Michelle Barkhuizen

Insure Africa

We have been with Commcentrix for over 5 years. ReFin Financial Services could not be what it is today if it was not for Commcentrix. I highly recommend Niel and his team and want to thank them for their response time and dedication. A continuous job well done!

Jaco du Toit

Managing Director, ReFin Financial Services

Commcentrix is our one-stop shop when it comes to all things digital. From Adwords to a custom online ordering system for our daily food orders. Paired with support and guidance on making a system that works for us.

Nicole Parfitt

Ginger Apple

Brands we've worked with

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Our client engagement model is designed so that we have an understanding of our client's business, it's strategy online and of course their objectives and thus allowing us to ensure the best online services are provided to most accurately achieve these objectives.

If you identify any aspect of your organisation where we could add value please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your specific requirements.