Search Engine Optimisation

What you need to know about SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a moving target. Search engines never stand still; they are constantly refining their methods and algorithms to deliver the most accurate, relevant results to searchers. They’re also making it harder for unscrupulous marketers to manipulate search engine results by using optimization tricks. This is a good thing… at CommCentrix; we have always advocated using acceptable practices based on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to boost your rankings and traffic.

That’s why we want to stress to you that Search Engine Optimisation – SEO should be considered a marathon rather than a sprint to the finish line. Using tricks and manipulation may get you fast, impressive results but they will be fleeting and could even be damaging. Using legitimate and effective SEO strategies will deliver more impressive business results that will endure… but it will require some time and patience.


Our SEO Process

Discovery Interview In order to truly make your SEO campaign a success, our SEO team needs to understand your business; what you want to promote and what your goals are. Our discovery interview provides you with the opportunity to provide the needed information that will make your campaign a success. Additionally you can ask those questions that have been on your mind regarding the types of changes that will be made to your site, when to expect results, how you can help maximize your campaign and more.

Website Analysis There are three key areas the search engines look at; your site, your server and your previous history within search engines. Our team completes a comprehensive analysis from your domains origination, to how the search engines see your site today.

Below you will find a list of areas our team will cover:

  • Analysis of server at the server level; including structure & technologies used throughout website;
  • Analysis of server at the host level, DNS setup, IP setup;
  • Analysis of site structure & page relationships;
  • Current indexation status across the major search engines;
  • Identification of any issues currently impacting search engine spidering from host, server and site levels;
  • Analysis of site link structure, page structure, navigational structure and hierarchical system of content in relation to the site.

Content and Keyword Analysis A Content Analysis is completed on pages throughout your website. This allows us to identify the existing pages and content that has the potential to help support your selected keywords and sustain long term top ten rankings. If your site is in need of additional content, we then work with you and if necessary a professional content writer to ensure the proper marketing message is conveyed and new creative copy is written especially for your site.

At Commcentrix, we use a scientific, five step approach to Keyword Analysis:

  • Keyword Discovery – we research your competitors and the market you operate in to identify all the most commonly utilized search terms. We validate this against actual search data.
  • Keyword Popularity Analysis – we analyze industry insider data to determine the number of daily queries made across all the major search engines for the search terms discovered.
  • Keyword Competitiveness Analysis – we further review search terms to determine how many competitors are actively optimizing their sites for those terms
  • Keyword Attractiveness Analysis – we use our own formulae, experience and judgment to combine above
    processes. The ultimate outcome is a list of keywords, prioritized for their SEO campaign attractiveness.
  • Keyword Deployment – we finally determine how best to combine key words and phrases into the text sequences that will be utilized in the SEO campaign (balancing factors of prominence, proximity & density).

Search Engine Submissions Our team takes the time to manually submit each optimized URL within your website, to the major search engines. Manual submissions are the only way to correctly notify the search engines that changes have been made to specific pages within your site. Additionally, we have a robust set of proprietary tools that notifies us when you or your team makes changes to your web pages. This alerts our SEO team that additional manual submissions are needed; ensuring the search engines know it’s time to reindex your web pages for potential ranking increases.

Google and Yahoo! Sitemap installation / submissions The Google & Yahoo! Sitemaps tell the search engines which pages are most important to your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Our SEO team will create and adjust the necessary areas within the Sitemaps to ensure that your most relevant pages are given the proper prominence. Additionally, our SEO experts will take proactive steps in troubleshooting and monitoring your site through the Google Webmaster Console. This allows our SEO team to accurately identify and track your backlinks, link popularity, broken links and indexing speeds; as reported by Google.

SEO Implementation The core of your SEO campaign is your SEO implementation. Our SEO experts will make the necessary adjustments to your website with regards to incorporating your selected keywords into existing web pages, adjusting the keyword density needed to achieve top ten rankings, editing and optimizing the most important areas within your site’s source code, creating and implementing server level adjustments to ensure your site is search engine friendly, and more. All changes are provided to you in a private development area that is not viewable to the public. Upon your review and approval, your changes will be made live; effectively wrapping up the SEO implementation process.

Off-Page Optimization These are strategies for search engine optimization that are done off the pages of a website to maximize its performance in the search engines for target keywords related to the page content. The purpose is to increase the overall number of links that point to your website. This increase of links tells the search engines that your site is popular; popular websites receive more organic search exposure and higher search engine rankings. During the Off-Page Optimization process, we will utilize the following (use of content delivery is only applicable if the website supports a blog):

  • Anchor Text Links- Search engines use the anchor text of inbound links to a web page (among other things) to determine what that page is about. Search engine algorithms have started using anchor text link analysis to rank search results. We use your keywords within the anchor text of the text link that is pointing to your site that way they will have a much larger impact on your search engine rankings.
  • Articles Written and Submitted- Articles can be a great way of channeling traffic to your website. We include a links to your website within your article that enables a user to automatically access your website once it has been read. This form of marketing encouraging people to link to your site naturally which is how search engines expect your web presence to build.
  • Content Delivery via blog- CommCentrix supplies content that benefits your visitors AND the search engines. Our content is written with SEO features built-in from the very beginning, so that you gain from each and every new page that is added to the site. Our SEO friendly news content for websites is catered towards your specific industry and is always well researched and unbiased in its approach.
  • 500 General Directory Submissions- We will submit your site to 500 search engine friendly web directories. These links one way links which will strengthen your link popularity and presence on the web.

Baseline / Monthly Ranking Reports We will run a ranking report showing all your existing listings in the major search engines before we start. This elaborate report will be sent via email to you for you to help document our progress. Every 30 days, we will run a ranking report to document the progress and send it to you via email. Our technicians will contact you from time-to-time via phone or email with project status reports. In addition, feel free to contact us at any time via email or via phone during business hours with any questions.

Online Marketing

Our Online Marketing Mission Statement:

“To create an online presence for our clients, which delivers tangible business value and benefits.”


Online marketing is the creation of an online presence and the client’s ongoing online marketing strategy in terms of this presence. As with all of the CommCentriX services we understand the need for what we offer to deliver value to our clients. This offering consists of the following services:
Website design and development

  • Search Engine Optimisation – SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing – SEM
  • Google Adwords Campaigns Management – Pay per Click – PPC
  • Web presence Integration

It is also dependent on the company, its strategy and of course the budget. Either way we develop a long term online strategy which will ensure scalability in what we offer and give direction should the client either desire to take the next step now or when they have the resources available to do so.

We also provide the necessary peripheral services required in terms of on online presence.

These are as follows:

  • Website Hosting
  • Email provisioning
  • Mailing lists
  • Online remote Back ups
  • Online remote MySQL & PGSQL databases hosting

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any further information or wish to schedule a meeting at a time and place of your convenience to discuss your internet consulting requirements

Why Google AdWords?

So you’ve heard the terms ‘Pay-Per-Click’ and ‘Google AdWords’ thrown around but you’re not entirely sure what they mean, or how they can help you with your business. Don’t fret, we’re here to break it all down for you.

As we all know if your business doesn’t have a strong online presence no one will know who you are and what you do. So you have a website and you’ve even got SEO (if not, click here to get in contact), how do you get people to visit your website? Or even see or buy the product or service you offer? This is where Google AdWords comes into play.

By creating an online ad campaign, you can direct traffic to your website and in so doing create awareness of your brand. The best part is that you will only pay for people that actually go through to your website or conversion. This way it’s easier to manage budget and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to advertise! Want to know what’s even better than that? The fact that monitoring your ad can be done in real time.

CommCentriX can help you create brand awareness and increase sales. Contact us today and one of our specialized consultants will make an appointment to discuss exactly what your needs are as we understand every company is unique.

These are some of the questions you may be asked:

– What is your objective is, i.e. do you want to increase traffic to your website? Do you want to promote a specific product/service? Do you want to create a database of potential clients?
– Who are you trying to target, i.e. only men, only women? People in Pretoria, Johannesburg or Gauteng? Any other province? Or can you cater a national audience over South Africa?
– What keywords would you like to compete for, e.g. you have a shoe shop and you would like your ad to appear when someone Google’s “shoes” or “buying shoes online”.
– What is your budget?

Once we have all these details we can start putting together a fantastic campaign for your business!

We believe so strongly in this method of advertising that we’ll give you your first R600 free!

In this digital age, you can’t afford to not be online.

Web presence integration

Web presence integration is an Internet Consulting service which involves the creation of an online footprint over and above the website you may already. Even if your website has great search engine optimisation this only provides one path from which you can generate visitors, through a single result on a search. In essence your website is an island with a single bridge connecting it to the internet populous.

With our Web presence integration service we expand your internet footprint through the creation of multiple bridges to your websites. Thereby creating a powerful online business presence: on the Internet through blogs, social networking sites and other tools.

Online networks are the new power lunch tables and the new golf courses for business life in the U.S. In the past ten years, online dating has become mainstream; 40 million Americans use online dating sites. Now, businesspeople are starting to use the same family of technology to find business clients, new partners, and jobs, through virtual contacts they make online.

Online business networking serves many purposes: sales, general marketing, recruiting, job-hunting, knowledge exchange, and business development (in the sense of strategic alliances, joint ventures and channel sales). Online networking sites offer unprecedented ways for entrepreneurs to identify and connect with potential partners, clients and suppliers.

Benefits of implementing a Web presence strategy:

Building and reinforcing your brand:

Every signature in an e-mail or on the Web, and every profile online, is an opportunity to reinforce your brand.

Product and Service awareness creation:

“Pull, don’t push”. Your online participation, your association with special interest groups, and your numerous profiles will create awareness. Those who are interested will be attracted to you and will come to you for information and assistance.

Building Cross-promotion:

Link to your Web site in your e-mail signature. Link to your communities from your Web site. Link to your personal profile page from your community page.

Unified information:

providing you with tools which will allow you to manage your online brand, the multiple presences and the information published on each efficiently.

Web presence pollination:

allowing for any user to easily pass on or share a part of your presence with someone else. Thus allowing for a viral expansion of you webpresence and brand.

Leverage of existing relationships:

Social network visibility sites give you visibility into your existing relationships. If you have a large personal network, it is likely that you know someone who knows the specific person you’re trying to reach, or perhaps someone at that company.


Opportunities to interact face-to-face with large numbers of decision-makers in your target industries are few and far between and costly. But online, you can be highly focused in your interactions, as there are niche communities for just about everything you could imagine.

Increased reach:

In person, or even in one-on-one e-mail, there is a practical limit to how many people you can meaningfully connect with in a given amount of time. But in an online community or weblog, you can carry on public conversations, potentially reaching hundreds or even thousands of people with the same effort as a single e-mail.

Reduced time and expense:

Networking online allows you to reach more people with less effort; to more quickly identify and connect with the right people; and to reduce travel time and expense, both local and long-distance.

Our client will generate leads from multiple sources once the webpresence strategy in implemented. These will originate from the following sources:

  • Search engine users
  • Online Social and Business network members
  • Fellow online network participants

Should you wish to generate value from your online presence participation please contact us to discuss your web presence options.

PPC Campaign Approach

At CommCentrix we manage the full ad design, bid management and landing page optimization process for you. If you already run your own campaigns, you will be surprised at the reductions we can achieve in your overall cost per click and the improvement we can help you achieve in conversion rates.

Ad design & Copywriting – we work with you to identify your unique selling points and emphasize these in sharply written ad variants with a great call to action. Through experience, we know what works best and so we are happy to underwrite our costs with performance clauses.

Bid & Campaign Management – we design and manage broad campaigns to your desired budget, based on a scientific approach to keyword analysis. We set up, as appropriate, hundreds of keyword combinations, multiple ad types, sophisticated match filters, day parting and more.

PPC Campaign Management

Once the SEO has been completed we find that an effective and well planned Pay-per-click Campaign compliments the objectives of most companies in generating additional traffic to an optimised site.

What is Pay-per-click Campaign Management?

Paid, or sponsored, results appear alongside organic, or regular, results on the major search engines. Ads also appear within content pages of publishers who have signed up for the Search Engine’s program (e.g. Google Adsense). When searchers click on these sponsored results, a payment is triggered from the advertiser, the proceeds of which are split between the publisher and the Search Engine. To use a simple analogy, if organic SEO is like buying a car, paid SEM is like renting one!

Why do you undertake Pay-per-click Campaign Management?

Research demonstrates that, whilst 65% of searchers hardly ever click on sponsored results, the 35% who do tend to click on them regularly. As such, a paid campaign is an important complementary optimization tool, alongside our more regular organic campaigns. Paid campaigns can also be heavily qualified (i.e. to be served only to certain audiences and only when they type certain things). This permits you to better target searchers who are more likely to then convert into actual customers. Paid listings also deliver traffic immediately, whilst organic SEO campaigns may take up to a year to become truly effective.